Two Years and Counting: Student Views on Campus Covid Policy and Masks

Students wear masks during a class lecture

Two Years and Counting: Student Views on Campus Covid Policy and Masks 

Shannon Wells

The Covid-19 pandemic has been a divisive issue across the country. States, institutions, and businesses have had to make tough decisions, alike, throughout this extraordinary time. UC Clermont has been no different. Since coming back to in-person classes in August of 2021, the campus mask policy, along with recommended social distancing in classrooms, has been of particular concern. We asked UC Clermont students their views on the campus’ Covid-19 policy and mask mandates. Here are their responses:

UC Clermont student Hannah Stevens

Hannah Stevens



I think the UC Covid Policy is a great policy to have.

Scarlett Vaski

Psychology Major

I don’t mind the Covid policy, either way. I’m not really that worried about it.

Sydney Miller


Respiratory Therapy 

As far as Covid goes, I think we’re doing an overall good job as far as the mask policy. I feel like it can be enforced maybe a little bit more. I think I’m just biased because I work with sick patients, so I see the impact of Covid.

Jaden Kincaid


Pre-Elementary major

My thoughts on the Covid policy? I think that everyone just needs to stay safe and healthy so that way we can get back to normal.

UC Clermont student Abir Al-Saeed

Abir Al-Saeed


Early Childhood Education

I think it’s important to enforce masks and everything just to keep everyone safe. I think it makes everyone feel safer in the classroom and it makes the professors feel safer.

Mike Bird



The Covid Policy seems to be in line with what everybody else seems to do, and I think it’s smart to be safe. It certainly doesn’t hurt wearing masks and social distancing, so we have to do what we have to do.

UC Clermont student Rebecca Coyne

Rebecca Coyne


Environmental Studies 

I have mixed feelings on the UC Covid Policy. I’m good with the mask policy. I don’t feel like vaccinations should be mandated for everybody, though.


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