Staff Positions: Writer, Advice and Opinion Columnist, and Cartoonist.

Why I Joined the Lantern: I joined the Lantern to try new things and to make new friends.

Something Interesting About Me: I love drawing and sewing. I also make plushies in my free time, so if you want one, you know who to call. My favorite Pokemon are Girafarig, Emolga, Sylveon, Ditto, and Pachirisu – but I love them all. I particularly prefer generation 2 and generation 6. My dream job is a plastic surgeon specializing in liposuction or a trophy wife to the super-rich (and maybe a doll fashion designer). My goals in life are to learn the Algonquin language, try to do stand-up comedy, and have a nice house. I love animals and I have a lot of pets. I have four dogs (Yoshi, Honey, Riley, and Skye), three cats (Nightmare, Luna, and Margret), and five birds (Ruffles, Cremepuff, Pepper, Jack, and Rosie – the last two are macaws). I also collect dolls and cannot put the Sims 3 down. I love to change old clothes into something fun.  


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