Fifth Annual PTA Speed Networking Event Held at UC Clermont


Just like a speed dating session, UC Clermont PTA students were able to have speed interviews with organizations for a career.

On March 30th, the SAC was filled with companies looking to “speed” interview with UC Clermont’s Physical Therapist Assistant (PTA) students. The PTA program is two years long; at its conclusion, students receive an Associate’s Degree in Applied Sciences. The students participating in this event had nearly finished all three of their directed practices, or clinicals, and were ready to begin their careers.

Ms. Royal-Fischer prepares them by educating them about the importance of the interview, their strengths profile, and how to dress for success. She was a major player in planning and staging the event both in 2016 and 2017.

Similar to the more familiar idea of speed dating, the students had five minutes to interview with every A PTA student presenting their poster project to The students’ resumes and interview skills were supplied to each employer, having been critiqued by Monika Royal-Fischer, the Program Director of Career Services, and Sam Coppoletti, an Associate Professor/Educator and Program Coordinator of PTA. Other PTA professors and administrators (Mrs. Shisler and Mrs. Owens, and Dr. Clark–Dept. Chair) were there for support and to observe. These interviews were not for practice or for internships; they were meant as screening interviews for real jobs. According to Coppoletti, 40% of the students received at least one job offer at last year’s event, and the year, before 30% to 33% received a job offer.

The Physical Therapist Assistant Program was at UC Main for twenty-eight years, but transferred to UC Clermont seven years ago, when Coppoletti helped to restart the program here at UC Clermont.

Another benefit the students derive from these PTA Speed Networking events is that beforehand, they present their research poster projects to the interviewers. This allows them to break the ice with the companies and show them just how capable and knowledgeable they are. This event also benefits the companies, allowing them to meet all of our graduates before any other employers have the opportunity to do so.


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