Editor-in-Chief Shannon Wells: The Places I Love at UC Clermont


Shannon Wells

September 20th, 2022

As part of our coverage of the 50th anniversary of UC Clermont, the Lantern will highlight all the aspects that students love about campus. First off, we want to share the special places that can be found here. In order to do so, we asked our own editor-in-chief, Shannon Wells, to shine a light on the locations on campus she finds best. Here is what she had to offer:

Editor-in-Chief Shannon Wells: The Places I Love at UC Clermont

With the 50th anniversary underway, there is cause for reflection on my experience at UC Clermont. I chose to start my journey at UC Clermont because of the friendly small campus community, the interconnected relationships with students and staff, and the easily accessible resources. The environment at UC Clermont is welcoming every step of the way, and truly beneficial for the first year of college. The top three places at UC Clermont that I love are Student Services, the library, and the student lounge. 

Student Services

Some of the friendly staff at UC Clermont Student Services

During my first year at UC Clermont in 2020, I appreciated UC Clermont Student Services only being one phone call away. They are easy to find, being the first building to pass when entering the college. I was relieved when they offered me a helping hand and helped clear up all of my questions upon becoming an official student. The staff at UC Clermont Student Services are a supportive, trustworthy, and intuitive gem to all students, and are more than willing to help with a variety of questions. What is more? Some of the student services workers are also ambassadors and they offer tours around the campus for new students and transfer students.

UC Clermont Library

The UC Clermont Library has much more to offer than just books

Another feature of UC Clermont that I am grateful for is the UC Clermont library located on the first floor of the Edith Peters-Jones building. Whenever I need to work on assignments, meet with peer tutors, and check out a laptop, I can expect to receive great service and be in a peaceful setting. The library is equipped with many desktop computers for students to sign into in-between classes. Each semester I have the option to fill out a form and check out a laptop for the whole semester for free. This is very useful for all of my class work. At the back of the library are group tutor rooms, which operate on a first come, first served basis. When I meet with peer tutors, I enjoy using that space, due to the more secluded and quieter atmosphere for my meetings. 

Student Lounge 

The newly renovated student lounge is wonderful, both inside and out

Just downstairs, at the bottom of the Edith Peters-Jones building, lies the newly renovated student lounge. At times, when I need to study, have lunch, or take a break in-between classes, the student lounge is always a great stop. The student lounge is a large space with a comfortable lounge area, a large monitor for presentations or games, and a pleasant seating arrangement outside. There is not a time when there is too big of a crowd. I can always find a seat in the wide-open atmosphere and complete my work with ease. When the weather is also on the brighter side, I prefer to study outside and soak in the sun. 

With all of these three places within my reach, I can feel assured in being prepared for my future graduation. 


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