Destiny Golden Soccer 2017 (2)Destiny Golden is a twenty-year-old junior here at UC Clermont with an intriguing backstory. She’s from a small town in Greenwood, Indiana and has managed to persevere even through the most difficult of situations.

Destiny has played soccer nearly her whole life. She started out playing striker for the ODP State team and later switching to midfield her freshman year of high school. But, ever since her high school freshman year, she’s played center back.

After graduating from Center Grove High school, Destiny went on to play for St. Catharine College Women’s Soccer team. During her freshman year in college, she had multiple concussions that resulted in her only playing seven games total. Somehow, she still managed to make second team all-conference with very little game time. Unfortunately, the school closed down due to financial troubles after her first year as a student, and this forced her to search for other options. After many stressful hours spent looking around, she decided on transferring to Cincinnati Christian University.

This step took a turn for the worse, though, when she tore an ACL in her first semester playing for the team. She took this news as best as she could and immediately began the recovery process, with hopes of returning to play as quickly as possible. But, in her second semester they attempted to remove her scholarship completely for inactivity due to her injury. This dilemma made Destiny decide to transfer yet again, finally landing her here at UC Clermont.

Destiny Golden Soccer 2017 (3)It would have been easy for her to turn her back on the sport after encountering so many obstacles, but her love for soccer prevented her from quitting. After successfully completing physical therapy, she is now back on the field and making progress toward a full recovery.

We asked Destiny about her overall goals for this season, as well as for her future, and she responded that she’d like to get back to where she was before the injury. “If I end up getting back to where I was at, then I would like to try out for the [UC] main campus team.”

Academically, her current goal is to achieve a bachelors in Business Management, which she hopes will prepare her to someday take over her father’s business.

UC Clermont wants to welcome one of our newest student-athletes.  Good luck, in all that you set your mind to.

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