Ryan Johnson, age 19, is a UC Clermont student who is still exploring his major. Recently, he shared a story about a time when he and his friends were attempting to see a concert, hang out, and maybe get some burgers in Newport, Kentucky. In the end, they ended up having a run-in with the police.

“We went to a concert in Newport, and it was a good show,” Johnson said in an interview. “[After the show] we were gonna go to Five Guys in Newport, but it was closed.” So, they decided to head home. They both live in Anderson Township, and getting back to home from Newport can be a convoluted process. They drove into Cincinnati, got on 471 South, and headed back into Kentucky (in order to eventually get on 275 North back into Ohio). Now that they were on 471, the rest of the drive home should have been easy. It wasn’t.

“We get pulled over, partly because my friend’s car is super sketchy,” alluding to his friend’s beat up old Subaru. The cop asked where they were coming from, and they told him Five Guys in Newport. The cop found this hard to believe, because as far as he could tell, they weren’t coming from Newport; they were coming from Cincinnati.

“They pull my friend out of the car. They start searching him, start interrogating him. . . and they apparently thought that he was a drug trafficker.” The cops also found it suspicious that Ryan was hanging out with an older guy (his friend was only three years older than him).

“I kept on hearing them accuse him of lying, and they put him on the back of the car . . . they patted him down. They thought the pen in his pocket was a weapon for a second. One guy started accusing us of lying partly because he said ‘There’s not a Five Guys in Newport’ [then]the other officer was like ‘Oh yeah, there totally is,’ so [the first cop]was like, ‘Oh, nevermind.’”

Unable to find anything in the car, and realizing that Ryan and his friend’s story checked out, the cops eventually let them go. They explained that a lot of people were trafficking heroin across the border, and the mix of Ryan’s friend’s sketchy car, long hair, and convoluted route home made them suspicious.

“So that’s how my friend almost got arrested for being a heroin dealer when we were just trying to go to Five Guys and eat some food.”

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