Dr. Cassie Fetters is a faculty member of UC Clermont’s English Department. She has worked on campus for three years, and has touched the lives of many students through her instruction of literature and writing. Additionally, she is the faculty advisor for UC Clermont’s Book and Film Club and the East Fork Literary Journal of the Arts. Professor Fetters has many passions, including her love of reading, writing, and teaching, and she pursues these daily during her work as a professor. She does, however, have other passions outside of her work on campus.

Although she didn’t personally grow up on a farm, Professor Fetters’ father did, and she says that she thinks “he instilled a love of gardening within her.” Now, she and her husband live on a farm house that is over one hundred years old. They keep chickens and maintain multiple gardens, including multiple large flower gardens all around her house and a garden full of fruits and vegetables, which alone takes up roughly a quarter of an acre of land. Professor Fetters grows almost every kind of fruit or vegetable you can think of, so during the summer, she cooks and eats most of her meals from her own garden. At the end of the summer, she cans and preserves all kinds of fruits and veggies. Her pantry is full of canned goods, including multiple flavors of jams from her strawberries and blackberries, and even her own spaghetti sauce. Every ingredient in her spaghetti sauce is taken from her garden, except for the olive oil. She says she cans up to fourteen jars of the sauce and loves the entire process.

Professor Fetters also shared a new passion of hers that she has just recently started looking into. Over this past Christmas, her husband got her a DNA test kit from ancestry.com. After her first experience with the site, she has immersed herself in research concerning her genealogy. She has already found that on her mother’s side, her seventh great grandfather was born in Scotland, her seventh great grandmother was born in Ireland, and their son, Professor Fetter’s sixth great grandfather, was a captain in the Revolutionary War. She loves doing this kind of research and is excited to find out more about her family.

If you are interested in being featured in my next column, feel free to reach out to me and let me know what your passions are! You can contact me through email at sheparkj@mail.uc.edu.

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