It’s my belief that to uplift someone to achieve their full potential, it really does take a village. Having been raised in Batavia, I feel a special connection to the community and I want to see it thrive. The best way to accomplish this is to support the people around us and to take care of the environment which we inhabit. These personal values and beliefs are what have compelled me to write this column.

Over the last few decades, environmental concerns have come to the forefront of American politics. While many people hold their own beliefs about the possible effects that human activity may have on the environment, I think we can all agree that it’s necessary to take care of our planet. And, in order to help our planet as a whole, I think that every community should do its part to take care of the environment it inhabits.

That’s the focus of this column: to illuminate how environmental issues affect our community and to engage my readers in an ongoing discussion about how to better care for our ecosystem. I invite you to share your opinions on the current state of the environment within our community and how we can possibly enact the necessary changes needed to improve it. This could be through better recycling, lowering carbon pollution, picking up litter, or anything that can positively impact the condition of our community.

I am very excited to hear from you about the concerns, questions, and comments that you’d like to share with me regarding this column. Feel free to contact me anytime at I look forward to taking part in this conversation with you.



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