One of the most confusing things that we experience is our coming of age phase, where we
discover ourselves and grow as individuals. But for many of us, we sometimes end up
scrambling to find out who we are after an impactful event. These events, which become
important stories in our lives, shape us into the people we are presently and create a mold for
who we want to be, and they often stay with us for the rest of our lives. The greatest thing about
these stories is that they’re unique to each of us, giving us a sense of individualism and a unique

For example, one of the most impactful events of my life is when my uncle forgot who I was at a
family dinner. That is when I was told that he had Alzheimer’s, and because I’m adopted and
look very different from my family, I was the first member of the family that he forget. My uncle
fought for five years before passing, and throughout the whole process, I learned a great deal
about his life and about the value of life in general.

“The Greatest Impact” will be a column where I share these impactful life events and stories as
told by our own UC Clermont students, staff, and faculty. I believe that it helps to shine a light
on our most vulnerable experiences, as they often help guide us to our most powerful and
gratifying accomplishments. For some, sharing their stories can give them an outlet and a way to
express who they are. For others, they gain a sense of joy by inspiring others or are seeking a
way to vent. These stories could even give readers inspiration and hope. This opportunity can
also give readers a deeper look into a friend or peer’s life; changing perspectives is one of the
best ways to develop compassion. UC Clermont deserves an outlet to share who we are and
express how much we have grown as individuals.

If you want to share the story of your most impactful event and how it influenced you, email me
at and we can share your journey. Defining ourselves can help us get one
step closer to our goals and to finding happiness.

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