Since the first use of the term “meme” in evolutionary biologist Richard Dawkins’ 1976 book The Selfish Gene, the label for self-replicating cultural information has blossomed and flourished to become a source of comedy in our everyday lives. Over the years, the meme has taken many shapes and forms including the dancing baby, demotivational posters, Charlie bit me, LOLcats, Gabe the Dog, and rage memes.

The evolution of memes is ongoing, and as the memes of the world have grown and transformed, so have I with them. I have been able to enjoy and share many memes in the last decade or so, and the satire of many memes has helped to put negative worldly issues into a more satirical light and has shown me how to laugh through the tough times.

As a dedicated enthusiast of memes and short-lived internet fads, it seems appropriate for me to attempt to represent the current memes. While various social and world issues continue to swarm, I hope to be able to provide some comfort through the satirical gift of mediocre memes.

Another goal that I have is to represent the meme community accurately, so if there are any Memelords reading this, or you know of any “dank memes,” please don’t hesitate to leave a comment below or get into contact with me at I’d love to get your input on the best current memes.

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