For most of us, handstands are a challenging task.   They can demonstrate upper-body strength, balance, and finesse.  However, some individuals take it to a whole new level. Emily Davidson is a senior at Bethel-Tate High School; she is also a full-time student here at Clermont.  Next fall, she will be studying nursing.

Before she started doing handstands, she participated in cheerleading, soccer, and even rowing.  She discovered handstands on Instagram from a gymnast, @lind.slaaay.  The reason she took up handstands in the beginning of the 2017 fall semester is because she did not have the time to participate in a regular sport because of her commitments to school. However, she still wanted to be able to stay in shape while “being able to progressively improve on something.”

So, what is so special about doing handstands?  Well, the handstands Davidson does are not, by any means, close to what most people can do.  She can move her body in many different ways while standing on her hands.  This includes, but is not limited to, moving her legs in different directions, doing handstand push-ups, and moving her entire back and legs.  She can even touch her head with her feet while she is doing a handstand because of her flexibility.

While she does not have a strict diet plan that she follows, Davidson does have to follow a healthy diet to keep up with the increasing difficulty of the handstands that she attempts.  It is almost a cliché now, but fruits and vegetables are very important in keeping one’s body in peak form, Davidson said.  “One of the most difficult parts about doing handstands is your core,” Davidson exclaimed. “You have to do core workouts almost every day, along with weight training, to be able to learn and master new moves.”  She works out almost every day to make sure any of the skills she has learned are not degrading.

Having the ability to do something that not everybody can do is another one of the reasons that she started this workout routine.  It does not take much to learn how to do proper handstands, and you do not need any special equipment or membership to get started.

So, if you happen to be like most of the general population who doesn’t get really thrilled about the idea of working out for hours and hours at the local gym, but you’ve been on the lookout for something a bit different that’s still fitness-related, give this a try.  You might end up looking at the world—or at least the prospect of getting in shape—from a whole new perspective (literally).

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