Dr. Christopher Green has been a professor at UC Clermont for eleven years now. Each semester, he typically teaches Microbiology for Health Professionals and Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse. Dr. Green is also the faculty advisor for UC Clermont’s Biology Club. Along with colleagues Dr. Clark and Dr. Mathis, he helps arrange the Earth Day event every spring, where 200 Batavia Elementary second graders are invited onto campus to participate in fun, educational Earth-themed activities. Dr. Green has been organizing this event every year for about a decade, and this year’s Earth Day will be held on Friday, April 20th.


The Preparing for the Zombie Apocalypse textbook cover.

One of Dr. Green’s many passions include studying zombies. Since he was a kid, he has always enjoyed the genre, but now the fun of the genre for him is in watching the movies and picking apart the science behind them. Before the UC Clermont class was offered, Dr. Green gave many lectures to local high schools about the possibility of a zombie apocalypse and ways to survive it. Eventually, he began developing the class and found a professor from the University of Texas who was interested in developing a course of her own. Together, the two worked collaboratively on the class’s textbook and finally published it and began teaching the courses at both universities.

Every student at UC Clermont is required to take a science class, so Dr. Green designed the course so that it allows all students, whether they are interested in science or not, to enjoy studying biology in a new and interesting way. At the end of each semester, the class votes on a zombie movie to watch on the last day of class. Dr. Green says, “I am really lucky and thrilled that every semester I get to teach my passion to students.” He also mentioned that his favorite zombie movie is Zombieland because “it is both funny and gory.” He said he also loves the movie because the zombie apocalypse is caused by a “prion,” which he says is the most interesting pathogen to teach.

When Dr. Green isn’t teaching zombies, he spends his time working as a prolific artist in painting and woodworking. He has been showcased in many local galleries and exhibits, but has managed to successfully build and manage his own gallery in his own restaurant in Covington, Kentucky called Inspirado @ Madison Gallery. The restaurant serves global cuisine and showcases new, local artists’ work every month in the dining area. Dr. Green opened his restaurant in September of 2015 and says that so far, it has been fairly successful. You can find more information about the restaurant by clicking here.

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Dr. Green’s original artwork:

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  1. THIS IS AN AWESOME ARTICLE! I’m very proud of not only Dr. Green but the author for utilizing this website and for writing an amazing article that’s thorough and concise and passionate.

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