After spending three years on UC Clermont’s campus, I am saddened but anxious to graduate in the Spring of 2018 and transfer to another campus to continue my education. Although the campus is small, UC Clermont has taught me a great deal about myself, and has led me down many roads with many wonderful memories. There are some amazing people on this campus, from fellow students to faculty and staff members, and all of them have positively influenced me. 

UC Clermont has given me countless opportunities to push my own boundaries and explore my interests. Things like creative writing, music, mental health, and feminism and equality are just a few of my many passions. I pursue these passions in my everyday life by attending events like the annual “Out of Darkness Walk” at Sawyer Point Park, which raises money and spreads awareness for mental illness and mental health. I also attended the Women’s March on Washington in D.C. last January and participated in the local Women’s March last weekend at the National Underground Railroad Freedom Center. 

So, it’s appropriate then that this column will be centered on campus “passions”—those activities, hobbies, businesses, or any other pursuits or interests that our students, faculty, and staff are truly passionate about. I would like to regularly interview those involved with UC Clermont and tell their stories, about their passions. We know that there is no shortage of negative stories or news these days; one simply has to turn on any cable news network today to confirm this. It’s my hope that this column will be a positive influence on readers, the interviewee, the campus, and even myself as a writer. 

If you are interested in participating, feel free to reach out to me at and tell me what your passions are!  I’d love to hear from you, and I want your stories of inspiration and passion to be told.  I think in today’s crazy world, we need every bit of good news we can get! 



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