uc clermont mens basketball 2017The off-season for Clermont Men’s Basketball Coach Steve Ellis consisted of extensive recruiting and revamping of the roster. In mid-season of last year, Coach Ellis started compiling a list of talent from the Cincinnati and surrounding areas. He traveled around, watching players of interest in January and February, then offered spots and landed some good talent. In the spring they had workouts to bring in more student-athletes and continued to fill in the roster. Overall, the finalized team consists of thirteen players, half of whom are freshman, with only two returning from the previous season.

This year, Coach Ellis’s plan is to focus primarily on the team’s shooting. “One of our main focuses when we were out recruiting was to find some talented shooters that we could bring in,” Ellis said.  He added that he thinks he “found some really good shooters and I believe that will help further build our team this year.”

Last season the team ended with a negative win-loss record, and Coach Ellis was asked what his plan was to reverse the outcome this year. He mentioned a common theme: “Shooting, which we already talked about, is a big one. Also, gelling and playing together will get us closer to the goal.” When he referred to last season, he said that “we did a real good job at the end of the season [last year]pulling guys together, and we won eight of our last ten games. If we can do that at the beginning of the season this year, it’s only going to help us in the long run throughout the whole season.”

uc clermont mens basketball 2017Last year they were still putting the pieces together; it was Coach Ellis’s first season at Clermont. There were numerous issues that needed dealt with before progression could occur. This year, however, he has a better feel for the program and has had a better preseason, which inevitably will lead to the results he’s expecting. The team has had more time to focus on channeling the group chemistry and meshing as a single unit, and they firmly believe that the 2017 season will be something to look forward to.

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