University of Cincinnati Clermont Mens Cougars Soccer 2Pete Ohmer is in the middle of his third season here as the UC Clermont Men’s Soccer coach. Having been with the program from the start, Coach Ohmer was geared up for his most exciting season yet.

His philosophy for coaching, especially at Clermont, is to look for that “full-time commitment.” Team chemistry is also an important component of a winning team, so Coach Ohmer looks for athletes who are willing to put their heart into the program. Currently, the roster consists of nineteen players, with one player recovering from an injury. There are only three returning players from the previous season, so this season he wants to retain as many players as possible.

More than half of the roster consists of freshman players, and this year marks their first exposure to college-level soccer. However, the fact that they are relatively young and inexperienced also gives them a solid platform to learn and grow together, building an incredible team chemistry.

University of Cincinnati Clermont Mens Cougars Soccer 3Practices are held five days a week except for game days and the days following, which are mainly for recovery. The 2017-18 season is also the first season in which the team will be able to practice on campus. There was no soccer field on campus for the team, so they had to utilize nearby parks and fields. Having their own home field adds an element of convenience for the team, allowing them to hold practices more often, which is important due to the strenuous game schedule and level of competition.

The Lantern asked Coach Ohmer about any players that he took particular note of in the preseason or first half of the season, and he mentioned a few names. The first player he discussed was starting goalkeeper Jared Leyland from Colerain High School. The next few mentioned were the Ervin brothers, Randy and Scott, from Amelia High School, who the coach said made a significant impression. The last player Coach Ohmer mentioned was Zack Boston from Bethel-Tate High School, who has consistently shown progress.

The team has great practice chemistry and continues to make progress during every training session. Come witness some of that chemistry and success yourself.  Join us as often as possible as we root our soccer teams on to victory!

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