50th Anniversary: Clermont Coaches Share Their Favorite Memories and More


Jordan Young

October 11th, 2022

As part of our 50th anniversary coverage, we want to highlight the spirit and success of Cougar sports. Over the years, UC Clermont has celebrated triumphs on various fields, courts, and diamonds. And, recently, there has been no shortage of victories. In order to showcase the rich tradition of Cougar athletics, our own sports reporter, Jordan Young, asked several of the current Cougar coaches about why they chose to coach for UCCC, their favorite memories, and more. Here are their responses:

Josh Hamer

Head Coach

Women’s Volleyball 

Years Coached at UC Clermont: This is my seventh season at UC Clermont.

What Made You Want to Become a Coach at UC Clermont: I wanted to coach at UC Clermont for the opportunity to coach college sports close to home.

Favorite Part of Being a Coach: Helping student athletes achieve their goals on and off the court and providing them life lessons through sport.

Favorite Memory: Winning the 2021 National Championship.

Favorite Quote: True leaders serve others.

Main Goal For This Season: Be better versions of ourselves at each time out.

Avery Patton

Head Coach 

Men’s Soccer

Years Coached at UC Clermont: This is my first year coaching at UCC. I was hired in November of 2021. I couldn’t ask for much more in my first year. The staff and support around me have been great. 

What Made You Want to Become a Coach at UC Clermont: When I saw the job opening for the head coach position of the men’s soccer team, I applied immediately. Knowing there hadn’t been a team in two years really piqued my interest. Knowing that there had to be a rebuild and that I had to start from scratch was music to my ears. I wanted that challenge and wanted to build a program in my vision. 

Favorite Part of Being a Coach: There are so many elements of being a coach that I could call my favorite – the camaraderie of being around a team, the relationships you build, and the people I get to meet. If I had to choose just one aspect, it would be the fact that I get to pass down my knowledge, passion, and love for the game. Being able to see the growth and progression, on and off of the field, first-hand, is something truly special. 

Favorite Memory: While I have many great memories from my coaching career, which include seeing my teams progress and learn, I would have to say my favorite memories (rather recent ones) in my coaching career would be entrusted with taking over this program. As a twenty-eight year old, you don’t think you would be handed the reins of a program that needed to be built from the ground up. I will also add that getting my first win as a college head coach this season is right at the top, as well. Seeing all the hard work from everyone in the program and seeing the reactions after the match is something that will stick with me. 

Favorite Quote: While I don’t have a quote that I regularly use, I do have a general concept that I always talk about with my players. Our core values as a team are respect, commitment, passion, and community. So when talking to players on matchday, at training, etc., I always talk about these ideas. On matchday, there is a lot of talk from me about having the desire and commitment to go out and win. 

Main Goal For This Season: At the beginning of the season, we had a team meeting to talk about team and personal goals. By the end of the meeting, it was clear what our main goal for the season was getting to the national tournament. Being a first-year head coach, I had high expectations and aspirations for the program and, so far, we are on track to meet those expectations, aspirations, and our main goal.

Dan Kinney

Head Coach 

Women’s Softball 

Years Coached at UC Clermont: This will be my seventeenth season as UC Clermont Coach and I’ve loved it more each passing year. 

What Made You Want to Become a Coach at UC Clermont: I’ve been with the program since softball started in 2003-2004 assisting the former (head) coach for two years. Coach left and I applied because my daughter and a lot of my former travel team and community players were playing for UC Clermont. I was hired for the 2007-2008 season. 

Favorite Part of Being a Coach: When a player gets their first hit, a pitcher gets her first win, and when the team gets their first win of the season.

Favorite Memory: Taking UC Clermont to the College World Series.

Favorite Quote: You won’t fail as long as you work hard and believe in yourself!

Main Goal For This Season: To get the team established again after being off for two years due to Covid. 

Kemar Jackson

Head Coach

Women’s Soccer

Years Coached at UC Clermont: This is my first year coaching with the UC Clermont women’s soccer program and I’m eager to get them back to winning National Championships.

What Made You Want to Become a Coach at UC Clermont: I recently moved into the area and wanted to invest myself in the community. And, what better way to do that – by doing something I’m passionate about. I wanted the opportunity to help mentor and develop strong and independent women.

Favorite Part of Being a Coach: My favorite part of being a coach at UCC is the wonderful people I work with. Everyone has been extremely supportive and it’s great working in an environment like this. It’s like a close knit family. I enjoy working with the players and the different personalities. Just being able to share my knowledge with them about soccer and life is amazing.

Favorite Memory: While I don’t have any yet at UC Clermont, my favorite memory as a soccer coach is winning the State Championship with my Cup North 2010 team. Last season they lost the championship on penalty kicks, so to see them bounce back and win the championship this year was very rewarding as they have worked extremely hard and were very deserving of being State Champions.

Favorite Quote: The difference between time and money is that you always know how much money you have, but you never know how much time. Life is a journey, and you must enjoy every moment of it.

Main Goal For This Season: The main goal for the team this season was to build a community amongst these girls and re-establish our program. This was a rebuilding year for UCC Women’s Soccer, after covid and missing two years, it’s our goal to get people excited about the program again and hopefully next season compete in the national tournament

Ken Lowe

Head Coach

Women’s Basketball

Years Coached at UC Clermont: Eight years. Two years as a volunteer, two years as an assistant, and four years as Head Coach.

What Made You Want to Become a Coach at UC Clermont: It was a dream of mine since I started coaching. Then, in 2014, Athletic Director Brian Sullivan and Mike Matthews gave me the opportunity of my lifetime.

Favorite Part of Being a Coach: The relationships that you make not only with the players, but with the players at the university.

Favorite Memory: Becoming the National Champions in 2014.

Favorite Quote: You are only to be as good as the people around you.

Main Goal For This Season: We made it to the semifinals last year so we have unfinished work to do.

Steve Ellis 

Head Coach

Men’s Basketball 

Years Coached at UC Clermont: This is the seventh year for me and my staff. My staff consists of Doug Ast and Kyle Black (both are assistant coaches).

What Made You Want to Become a Coach at UC Clermont: I have always wanted to coach college basketball since I started coaching.

Favorite Part of Being a Coach: Seeing the effort of our team pay off when we win big games.

Favorite Memory: Making the National Tournament in 2020 as the #2 ranked team in the country.

Favorite Quote: You have a choice every day when you wake up to give great effort in everything you do and have a good attitude!

Main Goal For This Season: The main goal is to win a National Championship in March.


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