Start Investing in Your Future: Join UC Clermont’s Finance and Investment Club


If you’re looking for a student organization to get involved in at UC Clermont, the Finance and Investment Club may be for you. It’s a great way to learn about investing in your future and is an especially good opportunity for marketing, finance, business, or accounting majors.

The club meets every third Tuesday of the month, and has open membership. They’re currently working on getting an online application set up so it’s more convenient for interested students to apply. Students can also serve as an officer in the club, as they try to keep all of the positions filled.

The club was created in Fall 2015 by Professor Prince Ellis, who teaches Economics and Finance at UC Clermont. He came up with the idea and announced it to his class to see if students showed interest. Some of his students did, and the club was put into motion. Officers were elected to run the club and it has been thriving since.

Vice-President Josh Gabbard, who has been in this position since the club began, says this particular club can help students learn about how they can budget and save in a practical way. The goals of the club, according to Gabbard, are to “teach students about different markets and types of investing,” and to help students get a head start saving for the future. There are many different apps that can help with this, and Gabbard discussed some of the more useful ones.

One such app is called “Acorns.” Whenever you make a purchase using your debit card, Acorns rounds it up to the nearest dollar and invests the extra change. The app costs only one dollar a month, and has other features as well. Users can customize their accounts by setting up a recurring investment every day, week, or month to accelerate savings, grow accounts through referrals, or boost accounts with one-time investments whenever they’d like.

Gabbard also mentioned the possibility of utilizing blue chips or Stash Invest, and says that taking advantage of them has really helped him save. “It’s helped me to budget and to say ‘no’ to a lot of stuff to put into savings and investments,” he noted. He says that being a member of the Finance and Investment Club is what helped him become aware of the investing opportunities that exist, and he attributed much of his success to the knowledge he’s gained as a result of his membership.

The Finance and Investment Club is actively working toward a greater campus presence as well. “We try to have one campus event per semester, and so far, we’ve had three,” Gabbard stated. The club sometimes goes on field trips, too. This semester, they’re going as a group to take a tour of Prudential Financial, an American Fortune Global 500 and Fortune 500 company, to learn about how big companies handle their investing.

Finally, Gabbard offered some investing advice to students. He emphasized that it’s particularly important to have money set aside in the case of emergencies, and that it’s a good idea to have around $1,000 stashed away for this purpose. Another piece of advice he gave is to start investing right away, and to avoid impulse buys that could impact your savings. The bottom line, he said, is to have some discipline and make fewer purchases. “The money you spend now is money you won’t have later.”

With a little bit of patience and a few lifestyle changes, anyone can invest successfully. If you’re interested in these kinds of opportunities and would like to be part of a group that can help you achieve your goals, UC Clermont’s Finance and Investment Club is a great place to start.


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