The Lantern’s Journalistic Integrity Policy

The Lantern staff strive to represent the epitome of journalistic integrity. We will utilize the principles of ethos and logos in our stories, reporting nothing but the truth. We are aware that our stories can have a significant impact the businesses, institutions, and people around us, and we will do our best to represent them in an accurate and honest way. We will set and maintain a high standard of integrity.

The Lantern’s Human Sources Policy

The Lantern staff respect their sources and will always be truthful when quoting, paraphrasing, or reporting anything an interviewee has said. We will not publish “off the record” information and will seek to be factually accurate. We will strive to acquire the viewpoints of diverse worldviews, providing representation for many cultures, ethnic groups, economic backgrounds, and religions. Before an interview we will prearrange what “on the record,” “off the record,” “on background,” and “not for attribution” agreements with the said source, to be respectful to these sources.

The Lantern’s Research Materials and Copyright Policy

The Lantern staff will utilize sources such as magazines, books, research reports, polls, and other sources. However, we will be careful to be objective when acquiring information from any source, and will check the credibility of these sources by comparing/contrasting the information with other sources to discover any contradictions. By doing so, we will obtain accurate information for our stories. In addition, we will always fact check our information for errors to maintain credibility. We will not publish copyright material and will examine our material carefully for any copyright liabilities. We will cite any pertinent sources that have been included in our stories.

The Lantern’s Privacy Policy

The Lantern staff does not take privacy lightly, and we seek to only report newsworthy stories. We will not expose the private information of anyone we interview or contact. We will aspire to be considerate and discerning regarding public and private business. We will seek to be up-front about our identity and purpose when conversing with sources. We will only go undercover when absolutely legal and necessary; duplicity is not our policy.

The Lantern’s Conflicts of Interest Policy

As journalists, the Lantern staff will attempt to steer clear of conflicts of interest. We will refrain, unless necessary, from writing about personal friends and family members, so as to maintain objectivity. We will use common sense when on the job, to eliminate any compromise of The Lantern’s integrity. Quid pro quo is not our policy; our reporters will always seek to be objective and unbiased in our writing.

The Lantern’s Legal Policy

The Lantern staff will be extremely careful if the need arises to publish information that could represent an individual, business, or institution in a negative light; we will always seek to report information in a truthful and sincere manner. The Lantern staff are aware that they are subject to all applicable laws and regulations, and will not undermine legality in pursuit of information.

The Lantern’s Policy on Impartiality

Objectivity and unbiased reporting are important to The Lantern staff. We will present all opinions and sides of a controversy to our readers and back any personal opinions with fact.

The Lantern’s Quotations Policy

All quotes will be recorded with accuracy and precision to ensure the impeccable recording of an interviewee’s exact statements. Paraphrases will be diligently checked for accuracy and correct context.

The Lantern’s Plagiarism Policy

In keeping with the spirit of UC’s general plagiarism policy, The Lantern staff scrupulously abstains from all forms of plagiarism and are aware that it is a form of stealing, or intellectual dishonesty. We will always state our sources and cite all ideas, theories, and facts that are not our own. Furthermore, we will abstain from any form of fabrication or doctoring media, and from presenting any type of fictional information in our work as fact.


The Lantern was guided in the creation of its policies by the NYU Journalism Handbook for Students.

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