Unmasked: Students Share Opinions on New Mask Policy


Unmasked: Students Share Opinions on New Mask Policy

Hailey Randall

With the Covid-19 pandemic seemingly on a downward trend, a major change has occurred on UC Clermont’s campus. Walking along the sidewalks and hallways, students will notice something that has not been seen since March of 2020: entire human faces. On March 21st, 2022, the mask mandate on campus was lifted, allowing students a choice to wear facial coverings or not. Lantern staff writer Hailey Randall tracked down a few students to ask them their thoughts on the new policy. Here are there responses:

Shepard Lansaw

Major: Education

Class: Freshman 

“It really doesn’t bother me if I wear a mask or not.”

Jackson Cahall

Major: Environmental Studies

“I could go either way.”

Louis Servizz

Major: Biological Sciences

“Doesn’t bother me if others wear masks, could go either way as long as everyone feels safe.”

Jared Hill

Class: sophomore 

Major: Pre-Pharmacy

“I feel like individuals have rights and should be able to make their own decision on what makes them feel comfortable.”

Shannon Harper

Major: Aerospace Engineering

“I think the decision to wear a mask should fall upon the students regardless of vaccination status.”


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