As a Lantern staff writer, and also the current president of UC Clermont’s Biology Club, I thought it was important to tell the story of this group.  The Biology Club that existed previously recently graduated all its members, and Professor Green thought the club was on hiatus—that is, until a few students and I had the idea to start one up again.

Starting the club back up was fairly easy because the constitution for it was already made. We just had to show up to the first meeting and start planning some activities. So far, not a great deal has happened, but the club is going start getting more involved once all of our plans are finalized.

Because spring is so pretty and I’m sick and tired of having to carry my coat around, I plan on welcomingBaskets that the biology club decorated.
spring with open arms. We’re planning on giving away seeds for students to plant. Of course, plants are living things and biology is about living things, but maintaining healthy gardens is more important than one may think. They add aesthetic value to a yard and they also provide nectar for pollinators. However, these pollinators are actually becoming endangered due to pesticides (among other reasons). Therefore, I wanted to encourage others to go outdoors and plant flowers and vegetables for the bees and the butterflies. Without bees and butterflies, our flowers don’t pollinate, then they don’t reproduce and flowers die off (it’s like The Bee Movie). Even vegetables won’t reproduce without pollination because they are also angiosperms, or plants with flowers as their reproductive organ. Long story short, the Biology Club really wants you to plant seeds.

The club also plans on going on field trips to the zoo and other places. Field trips may seem like days where you have an excuse to just get out of class, but these trips will mean more because we’ve actually learned about what we’re going to see. For example, we’re going to the zoo this spring or summer and BIO 1082 talks about animals and their anatomy and physiology. Because we’ve learned more about these animals, it’s more than just watching them walk back and forth in a cage. We’ll be able to see their behaviors and their body movements in person, and I believe that knowing more about something helps increase one’s appreciation of it. The club is also doing something to celebrate Earth Day. We’ll be leading children through the hiking trails and giving them a tour of the animals and plants around these trails.

The club provides a creative outlet to those involved, and at the same time it’s something that its members are passionate about. Being a part of a club is a great deal of fun, but sometimes comes with significant responsibility. However, I think that it’s worth it in the end, and like many UC Clermont students, I’m hoping to get more involved in the school while at the same time sparking other’s interest in the many aspects of biology.


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