Shaniya Johnson

Staff Positions: Staff Writer, Photographer, Graphic designer

Why I Joined the Lantern: I joined The Lantern because I’m currently trying to decide what careers I want to pursue. This opportunity allows me to focus on art and psychology while also exploring journalism and photography. I also enjoy meeting new people and staying active on campus. 

Something Interesting About Me: I’m a Psychology major at UC, but I’m also studying at Cincinnati State to become a Firefighter. I enjoy doing a little bit of everything and not limiting myself to one career. I like to paint, read, write music/poetry, and go on nature walks in my free time. I also enjoy sports such as basketball and volleyball. New Orleans is, so far, my favorite place to travel to (if I could be a city, it honestly would probably be New Orleans). 


Staff Positions: Staff Writer, Editor, and Social Media

Why I Joined the Lantern: I enjoy writing in my freetime. When I saw there was an opportunity to grow my writing skills and provide coverage within the university and on campus, I immediately jumped at it. It also goes along with my goals to write for sports teams and cover them one day. 

Something Interesting About Me: I enjoy anything and everything sports related. Sports have been one of my favorite activities since I was a kid, and now I get to be in an academic program where most of my time is devoted to sports. In addition to being a future front office worker for a sports organization, I also aspire to be a writer for various sports teams and provide high quality coverage for sports organizations. 


Staff Position: Phototogchy 

Why I Joined The Lantern: I want to get to know new people and get better at taking photos. 

Something Interesting About Me: I ran cross country in high school.


Staff Positions: Graphic & Web Design

Why I Joined The Lantern: I’ve always thought the student news sounded fun, but I was too nervous to do interviews. When I heard they needed what I could do, there was no reason not to.

Something Interesting About Me: I’m a history nut – ancient to modern. My friends always make fun of me for being such a font of historical knowledge, as well as for using long, antiquated words, so I’m often compared to a book. I’m also passionate about music, especially experimental stuff. I also enjoy nature.


Staff Position: Editor

Why I joined The Lantern: Growing up, I always circled errors in books. I figured it was time to put that skill to good use!

Something Interesting About Me: I am a fully online student based out of Columbus, and I am also in ASL Club.