To Join the Lantern, you will need to fill out an application, and then contact Kyle Warren via email:  Kyle.Warren@uc.edu or call: 513-732-5229

Apply Now  

After completing the online application. Your next step: please secure one faculty reference. This should be from a recent professor or other instructor (within the last twelve months). Please have this professor/instructor address most or all of the following in his/her recommendation:

  • Explanation of how the professor knows you/is familiar with your work.
  • General work ethic (punctuality, timeliness of assignments, work completion, etc.).
  • Quality of your writing (in whatever essay/paper assignments that were given).
  • Comment on your motivation, maturity, competence, leadership, creativity, or other strengths.

Please remind your recommender that specific examples are always better than canned generalities. This email should be sent directly to me (kyle.warren@uc.edu) from the person who is providing the recommendation, not forwarded by you.

Final step: Because The Lantern relies so heavily on having excellent writers/editors on staff, the last part of your application will involve both of these (writing and editing). Please email me in advance to set up a time to come in to TLC (McDonough 110) to complete the following:

  • Complete an impromptu, 250-word sample article (topic to be provided).
  • Complete a revision of a sample article (article to be provided).

(Make sure you have set aside enough time to do all of the above when you come in.)

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