Welcome to The Lantern’s UC Clermont 50TH Anniversary Coverage

UC Clermont 50th Anniversary

The Lantern Staff

Hello and welcome to the 2022-2023 academic school year! If you have been on campus (or checked your school email) lately, you may have noticed a certain “buzz” in the air. No, not the planes flying above from Clermont’s aviation technology program – the figurative one. The one swirling around between Snyder, McDonough, Peters-Jones, and West Woods Academic Center. Yes, you heard it right, it is UC Clermont’s 50 year anniversary!

Throughout fall and spring semester, the Lantern is excited to provide a unique, student focused perspective on UC Clermont’s 50th anniversary celebration. Not only will our staff focus on our campus’s rich history, but all the things that make UC Clermont a special place. What do you love about UC Clermont? Where would you be if UCC didn’t exist? What impact has UCC had on yourself and the outside community? Why do we and YOU matter? 

Fifty years is a long time… and a good time. Stick with us to find out why. 


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