Recent Ribbon Cutting Ceremony Celebrates UC East’s New Lathe


Last Friday, UC East held a ribbon cutting event celebrating the purchase of the new 18×80 lathe by the Duke Energy Foundation.

Duke Energy has gifted $28,000 for the purchase of a new lathe machine for the college’s Manufacturing Engineering Technology (MET) program. According to Dean Bauer, the purchase of this new tool leads to the expansion of the “MET curriculum, [teaching]repair of larger objects, thread repair, and pipeline repair.”

UC Clermont’s MET program follows two different tracks: General Manufacturing and Computer-Aided Design. During the programs, students learn how to design, build, research, and learn about the processes involved in manufacturing and production. These students receive training for more advanced degrees and various occupations.

During the event, there were multiple speakers: Dean Bauer, Dexter Hulse, Warren Walker, Shawn O’Brien, and Alex Komala. All spoke highly of the lathe and how it would benefit UC and Duke Energy, ranging from classroom use to economic and workforce development. Giving students the opportunity to use tools and perform tasks using hands-on skills helps prepare them for the real-world workforce. Additionally, partnering with local business such as Duke Energy leads to “a mutually beneficial relationship, with the college providing talent and skill and the firms providing the resources to train future employees,” said Dean Bauer. Overall, it will benefit all and be a great resource to the program and the community in general.

You can view pictures from the event by clicking through the photo essay.

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A poster board displaying what CAD software can do.



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