The Wait is Over! Clermont Time Capsule Unsealed for 50th Anniversary

The plaque outside the sealed time capsule compiled by the Clermont class of 1997 during the 25th anniversary of the college

Shannon Wells

September 26th, 2022

On September 20th, 2022, Clermont Dean, Jeffery Bauer, opened UC Clermont’s time capsule in McDonough Hall. The time capsule was compiled by the class of 1997 and sealed on September 27th, 2000. The occasion marked one of many planned activities celebrating the 50th anniversary of the college. 

At exactly 10:30am, it was time for the grand unveiling. Along with Dean Bauer, Department Chair of English, Languages, and Fine Arts Sharon Burns, and Associate Director of Marketing and Communications Amanda Chalifoux were a part of the celebration. Among the other notable faculty and staff, Professor Greg Sojka and his entire Exploratory Studies class watched history take place along with the other students.

Dean Jeffrey Bauer removes the plaque from the sealed time capsule

After opening the capsule, the box hiding the mysterious items was carried to Career Services where everyone could get a glimpse of the contents. Dean Bauer took each item out and held them up for all of the attendees to see before placing them on a display table. The contents of the time capsule included, but were not limited to, a photo album spotlighting events that took place in 1997, an Alumni Directory, a memorable transcript of an “old timers” videotape made for the 25th anniversary of UC Clermont, and a copy of James McDonough’s lasting viewpoints on 25 years of growth. 

Faculty, staff, and students alike shared excitement about getting a sense of UC’s prized moments from the 25th anniversary – items fitting since this year marks the 50th. Curious eyes beheld the twenty-five-year-old memories and students helped themselves to free scoops of Graeter’s ice cream provided by the college. 

What’s in the box?

Jenna Simpson, a Freshman Environmental Studies major was eager to discuss how her last-minute decision was unforgettable. “I was just passing by and decided to stop in. So, it was great to be a part of something when I didn’t expect it, and it will stay with me for the rest of my life. I’m glad I got to experience something like that during my first year of college!”   

Kelly Brooke, a Freshman in Professor Sojka’s Exploratory Studies class was not disappointed when she recounted the big reveal. “I was excited when I heard I could go see the opening! I wondered to myself day and night ‘What could be in there?’ There were so many possibilities. When the time came, I made sure I was in front to see everything. It was intense, to say the least, and what was inside surprised me a bit. It was not only their history but the school’s history! The students back then really showed that they cared for the school. The capsule got me thinking, ‘What will people think of 2022?’ Only time will tell.”

A t-shirt from the 25th anniversary of UC Clermont that was sealed in the time capsule

It proved to be a perfect time to educate students. Professor Sojka noted the historical significance of the time capsule opening and reflected on what his students had to take away overall. “Well, I think it’s a significant and historic event in the history of our college. I talked to my students a lot about 1997 because none of them were here then and we did some research. We saw that Titanic was a favorite movie. So, we were trying to guess what would be in the time capsule. Afterward, we chatted a little bit about if they were to put a time capsule out to be opened in 25 years what would they put in it? They thought they would include more current events. One student said they would put a mask in the capsule. Other ideas were some kind of a headline about what’s going on in Ukraine. So, it was a great opportunity to think a little bit about the past and how different the present is. But also, to think a little bit about the future.” Professor Sojka ended on a sweet note by mentioning what his students enjoyed while being a part of history. “They greatly enjoyed the Graeter’s ice cream.” 

What better way to mark an occasion than with Graeter’s ice cream?

With a significant insight into the past, one can’t help but think about the present. And, while we’re at it, expectations for the future.  



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