UC Clermont’s Geology Undergraduate Research Program recently held a celebration in honor of the group’s one-year anniversary since their first scientific publication.

Over the past year, this group of UCC students have been conducting geological research pertaining to “K-T Boundary mapping, dinosaur bone bed excavation and paleo-environmental studies.”

Their findings have been presented to the 2017 Geological Society of America, in Seattle and to the Ohio Academy of Science in both 2017 and 2018.

The program is comprised of five freshmen and two sophomores. Each member has had their findings published, with the sophomores each having authored three publications.

Thomas Farron – a geology major at UCC – was awarded with the Pryor-Motl fellowship as recognition of the research he presented as part of the program.

Thomas Farron (right) being presented the Pryor-Motl Fellowship by Mary Lou Motl (left).

This fellowship, created in 1997, is meant to provide financial assistance to undergraduate geology students at UC so that they are better able to focus on their education. The award was presented by Mary Lou Motl, who founded the fellowship with her late husband Dr. Wayne Pryor – an accomplished geologist and professor at the University of Cincinnati

“We have wonderful students,” said Dr. A.M. Hunt, an associate professor here at UC Clermont’s geology department. “They fall in love with the Earth, and they fall in love with the gifts of the Earth.”

The group intends to reembark this May for Wyoming and South Dakota to continue their research.

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