UC Clermont’s 6th Annual Haiku Contest


March 27th was the beginning of UC Clermont’s 6th Annual Haiku Contest, hosted by the library.

Treva Noakes-Miller standing next to her winning haiku.Congratulations to this year’s haiku contest winner: Treva Noakes-Miller. Julia Wahle and Benjamin Ward placed second and third respectively.

Treva has been writing poetry since middle school. She explained that “it [poetry]is one of the best ways to make sense of the world and my life.” She’s currently in the process of changing her major, English secondary education, and plans on joining UC’s DAAP program and becoming an art teacher. Treva explained that to her, visual arts and writing are very similar, and she tries to portray the best of both worlds. She is excited about winning because she has never won a contest like this before, and her winning haiku will be her first poem she’s ever had published. She said that her haiku was inspired by the season of summer, but doesn’t want to say too much because she wants readers to interpret what they want about it.

The haiku contest originated in 2012 when Penny McGinnis was looking for ways to celebrate National Poetry Month (April), like decorating the boards near the library. Penny and Katie Foran-Mulcahy brainstormed the idea to hold a contest where students compose a haiku and send it in. McGinnis said that haikus were a good choice because they’re short and sweet. She personally enjoys a good haiku about nature, but she has seen tremendous creativity from the UCC students, and has also seen interesting poems about pop culture, like anime.

The contest has grown in the last five years. In the competition’s first year, fifty poems were submitted from twenty-four participants. Last year (2016), they read 150 fifty haikus from 65 students. Fortunately for Penny McGinnis and the other judges, they really enjoy reading the haikus and seeing the creativity of students in our school.

The winner of the yearly contest receives a $50 gift card and his or her haiku gets published in an issue of East Fork, the school’s literary journal that showcases much of the school’s best art, prose, and poetry. Click here to see some of the winning entries in the East Fork Journal.




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