Students Share Spring Break Plans

UC Clermont Aviation Student Cory Hickman

UC Clermont Student Spring Break Plans

Hailey Randall

Spring Break is just a few days away (and, with that, the end of midterms)! Our staff writer, Hailey Randall, hit the sidewalks of campus to ask students about their plans. Here’s what they had to say…

Andy Ross 


Biological Science

I am probably going to East Fork Lake for the first time. I am going to try out some fishing – either in my kayak or my 19-foot pontoon boat. I don’t know if you can put motors in that lake or not. If it’s warm enough, I will try out some kayaking. I hope to catch whatever bites, probably. I think it’s just Ohio fish there all the same.

Dustin Woodruff 


Digital media

On March 12th, I am going to take a flight to Glasgow, Scotland to visit my aunt and uncle. Me and my aunt and uncle are planning on going to a show-like play then doing a mini family reunion.

Cory Hickman 



I own my own drone company, so I am probably going to try to source more clients. I do a lot of in-person networking, as well. I do marketing primarily on Facebook and LinkedIn. My goal would be to make $5,000 in sales. Last year, I made $25,000. Another goal would be to bring other people into the business.

Hannah Johnson



My Spring Break plans are, actually, going to be working at the library for spring break, but I’m also going to be spending Spring Break relaxing and sleeping. I also want to finish a book I started. The book is called The Keeper of The Night, by Kylie Lee Baker. It’s a fantasy book about a lot of deep stuff I don’t want to enter. I’m probably going to finish that, play animal crossing, and spend time with my dog, Moose.

Josh Smith 


Pre-Secondary Education

Me and my dad are going to West Virginia to see all the civil war sights there. My birthday just so happens to fall on that Friday. First, we’re going to Antietam Battlefield, then drive to Fredericksburg to see the sights there, then stop at Richman and see the sights there, like Williamsburg. I also decided to spend a week just chilling.


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