Professor Fetters Starts Club for Bookworms and Film Fanatics


Professor Cassandra Fetters began a club this semester: the Book and Film Club. Here they discuss books that they have read, and afterwards watch the film adaptations of them. Everyone in the club feels as if his or her opinion is important, and loves getting new perspectives on books and films.

When Professor Fetters taught an English course recently, she noticed two things that the students in her class Two students discussing books that they've enjoyed.were often asking for: social time together and films. “I saw there was an interest to get together, and an interest in film from my classes,” says Fetters. So, she decided to give the class what they wanted and started the Book and Film Club. The club is fairly new; it started just this semester, but it has already done quite a bit. They watched West Side Story, an adaptation of William Shakespeare’s famous classic Romeo and Juliet, and collaborated with the Foreign Language Club by watching Midnight in Paris together.

At their last meeting, the club decided to come together in the summer to read a book and watch the film for it. After brainstorming a long list of books with either movies, plays, or T.V. shows based on them, they decided that they will read Clockwork Orange by Anthony Burgess. The film of the same name is in both the crime and science fiction genres, and was directed by the late, great Stanley Kubrick.

The meeting The Lantern attended was filled with students who all shared their common interest in good books and films. Many of the discussions would begin with “Have you read this before?” and would often last a long time. Elaine Tryling, a UCC student, remarked that the clubs is a “great place to come and casually discuss a book or film.” The students’ passion for these stories are evident in their conversations, and their passion is contagious.

Greg Sojka discussing the Book and Film Club.At the same time of the meeting, Jenn Radt was hosting a separate event, “Clermont Connect,” where students coming in for the fall semester would get to meet students and professors and get to know the college. Radt had discovered that one of the students in Clermont Connect was also a book lover and brought him down to meet the club. After a quick introduction, the new student grabbed some pizza and immersed himself in the discussion at hand.

The students in the club also enjoy that fact that their opinions feel important and that their peers are truly listening to them, rather than listening for their next chance to speak. Erin Elliott explains, “Everybody has a voice. Your opinion matters to the group.” Another student says that the club is “a great opportunity to meet with people who care about your opinions.” The students clearly feel appreciated when they participate.

The Book and Film Club is a great club for bookworms and students who love movies. It’s also a great club for students who are looking for a passion, or just something to do. Those involved are quite passionate about the books they read, and you’ll find that the discussions they have are contagious. If anyone interested in participating in this experience, email Prof. Fetters for more information:

Two students pondering the options of books to read on the board.


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