Photo Gallery: Professor Phoebe Reeves Poetry Reading


A visual interpretation of Professor Pheobe Reeve’s poetry by Lantern staff graphic designer, Steve Cole

The Lantern Staff

Photography by Nick Smith

April 19th, 2023

On Wednesday, April 5th, 2023, UC Clermont English Professor Phoebe Reeves brought her “night gig” out of the shadows and into the light. At 12:30pm, in the noticeably warm (to say the least) campus library, Reeves held a poetry reading for thirty or so privileged students, faculty, and staff. Her reading consisted mostly of selections from her new, and first full-length, book, Helen of Bikini, along with a few new, yet to be published, poems. After the reading, the poet-turned-professor held an illuminating question and answer session. Snacks and sandwiches from the previous night’s East Fork Journal Alumni Event on campus were on hand. You can find out more about Reeves and purchase a book or two at Phoebe Reeves (

Our staff photographer, Nick Smith, was on hand to capture the moment. Here is what we saw:


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