Art Show Highlights Students’ Work


If you’ve stopped by the art gallery in the Snyder building recently, you’ve probably noticed that the walls are lined with drawings, paintings, unique ceramic pieces, and handmade jewelry items. These works of art are just a sampling of the work UC Clermont art students have completed over the course of spring semester.

The art classes at UC Clermont have helped many students cultivate their passions and become more skillful artists. Painting Fundamentals II student Amy Abafo speaks very highly about the experience. “The art program is one of my favorite things about this campus,” she says, “and I feel honored to be part of the student art show at Clermont. I also really enjoy seeing what other students have created.” The main reason students enjoy the classes so much is a result of the fantastic instructors at UC Clermont. Ms. Abafo commented on this aspect of the program as well, saying that the art show is a great opportunity to showcase both the awesome art program and its phenomenal instructors.

An opening reception was held for the exhibit last Wednesday. Food was served at the event and those who were interested had the opportunity to take a look at the art on display and talk to the instructors and art students who attended.

If you haven’t yet seen the work in UC Clermont’s student art show, stop by before it’s too late. You won’t regret seeing the amazing work Clermont students have created this semester.

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