Undergraduate Research at UC Clermont


“Micelle formation of hexa (sodium 10-undecenoate) in aqueous solution: molecular dynamics.”

Chances are, unless you have an extremely strong background in the sciences, this makes no sense to you whatsoever. This is the title of an undergraduate research project conducted by Professor Cliff Larrabee and student Timothy H. Dennison. This project works with cancer drugs, and targeting cancerous cells directly. In practice, this would decrease the adverse effects of cancer treatment, and prevent the drugs from killing healthy cells along with the cancerous cells.


The staff at UC Clermont is hoping to increase students’ opportunities for undergraduate research, giving them a chance to increase their knowledge and gain hands-on experience in fields they are interested in. By looking into undergraduate research at UC Clermont, you can build your resume, pioneer new ideas in science, and begin to understand what words like “micelle formation” actually mean.

On October 30th, Professor Larrabee held a seminar on what to expect from undergraduate research, and ways to help students get involved. Professor Larrabee spoke about some of his own experiences with undergraduate research, then had an open discussion with the audience concerning their opinions.

UC Clermont already has a few programs for undergraduate research, but professors all across campus are searching for ways to give students more opportunities. One of these programs is

WISE, which is available at all UC campuses and works to involve more women in science. Professor Larrabee is also working to create a Clermont-only based research program that any student can become involved in.

For more information on ways to get involved, you can contact Professor Larrabee, or speak to any professor that you would like to work with. Undergraduate research is a fantastic way for you to gain real experience working in a lab, and it can really help your résumé stand out as well.


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