UC Clermont Receives Anonymous Donation


Last October, UC Clermont received an anonymous donation to the tune of $500,000.

Although anonymous, a provision of the donation was that all funds should be “allocated by the dean to benefit students,” said UCC dean, Jeff Bauer. The donor specifically requested that funds be allocated to grant writing.

“I was involved in the process, so it was not a surprise to receive the donation,” remarked Dean Bauer. “That said, receiving the check and imagining the possibilities was an amazing experience.”

“It’s mostly personnel that we need to expand,” said Dr. Krista Clark, department chair of Science and Health at UCC.

Dr. Clark would like to see more money spent on the UCC community garden and increased faculty, concerned that faculty are so concentrated in core classes that they are unable to teach electives.

As far as grants for undergraduate research, Dr. Clark believes that it would be to the benefit of her department if research funds were allocated from outside the departmental pool.

“There’s not a lot of incentive to do [undergraduate research],” admitted Dr. Clark, “it’s usually on top of their teaching load.”

According to Dr. Clark, creating a position specifically to allocate funding for research programs would lighten the weight placed upon faculty and maybe reinstate some incentive.

“I love Clermont,” said Dr. Clark, “but the idea that an alum or someone in the community love Clermont too” is a very encouraging thought.


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