Pre-Professional Advising Seminar


Thinking of becoming a doctor, lawyer, pharmacist, or pursuing any other career that requires professional education? Preparing to make the transition can be difficult. However, pre-professional advisors at UC are ready and willing to help you reach your goals.

On November 11th, faculty members at UC Clermont hosted a seminar informing students about pre-professional advising, and gave them tips on how to prepare for their futures.

Shadowing, volunteering, studying for 2-3 hours per one hour spent in class, and achieving a 3.5 GPA or higher are important—and sometimes necessary—aspects of getting into professional school. It sounds like a lot to keep up with, but it is not impossible. Students need to have drive and dedication, and pre-professional advising can help them get on the right track. To make your appointment with a pre-professional advisor, send an email to or call 513.556.2166.

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