New UC Bearcat Cards Are Here!

 On November 30th, 2015, UC Clermont’s student lounge flooded with students and faculty trying to obtain their new IDs: glossy red Bearcat cards that have undergone a facelift. New UC Bearcat cards have arrived, and while November 30th was not the first day cards have been available for pick-up, the lively atmosphere of the student lounge and the appeal of a cheerful Christmas tree highlighted the event. The new cards have a sleeker design, more functionality, and most importantly improved security, due to an embedded microchip. Current Bearcat cards will be rendered inactive on January 31 of the upcoming year, so students and faculty are encouraged to pick up their new cards as soon as possible. There are also new perks accompanying the improved card, reducing hassle and increasing convenience. By January 11thof 2016, students and faculty will have no need for a parking permit. Instead, their Bearcat cards will function as a permit and allow them to enter and leave parking garages as needed.

If you have not yet picked up your new Bearcat card, you can do so on December 1st at UC East from 1:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the main lobby, or within UC Clermont’s student lounge on December 2ndbetween the same times. If your schedule won’t accommodate either of these dates, you can pick up your card another day at Clermont’s public safety offices, but only during designated hours.

Existing photographs will be transferred to the new Bearcat cards; new photographs will not be necessary. Picking up your new ID card is simple; the only prerequisite is that you bring either your current Bearcat card or a government-issued ID along for additional security.

It is currently twenty dollars to replace your new Bearcat card if it is lost or becomes damaged. However, the price will increase to thirty-five dollars per replacement beginning February 1, 2016. It is important that the new Bearcat cards are not hole-punched or bent lest the contactless technology that will enable easier transactions become disabled. If damage occurs, replacement will be necessary.

Once you have picked up your new Bearcat card, you must wait up to forty-eight hours for it to activate and to ensure that it works properly. If you encounter any problems with your new card, you can submit a “Trouble Report” that can be found on the University of Cincinnati’s website.


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