National Physical Therapy Month


If you ask someone what comes to mind when they think of October, you will get all sorts of responses: cooler weather, pumpkins, and Halloween candy are all ones that we immediately think of. But for many students at UC Clermont and UC East, October is a month for them to help others and learn more about the career they want to pursue. Since 1992, October has been declared “National Physical Therapy Month” by the American Physical Therapy Association.

The physical therapy assistant program at UC lasts five semesters, or nearly two years in total, considering the first year of pre-requisites for preparation. Once a student graduates from the program, he or she will be able to choose a specialized field, ranging from sports injuries to geriatric care to neurological physical therapy.

Patients of physical therapy assistants can be any age, and can range from having a broken bone, to being severely disabled. Aspiring PTAs hope to help patients avoid surgery. According to one of the students at East, their main goal is to “maintain and improve quality of life” for those with injuries or arthritis.

The month of October is now a memory; however, PTA students found many ways to celebrate National Physical Therapy Month and help out in the community.

“The PTA class raised $300 for a needy family that it met during a patient guest visit in class,” tells Sam Coppoletti, Area Program Coordinator and assistant professor for the Physical Therapist Assistant Program. The program was also featured by the Ohio PT Association as the PTA program of the month. Read more about their achievement in the Ohio PTA newsletter.

During the month of October, the physical therapy assistant program has done a great deal of work to help others and raise awareness concerning the importance of physical therapy. As they wrap up their schooling and graduate this spring, they will seek work doing what they love: helping people live the best life possible.


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