International Education Week


Goodbye! Adiós! Au revoir! Kwaheri! 再见! Arrivederci! UCC students fondly say goodbye to International Education Week. From November 17th to 19th, UCC students had the chance to experience aspects of other cultures and learn more about their world.

Students had the opportunity to go to tons of different events, free of charge. These events included:

Colorful face of a skeleton, to go along with the "Day of the Dead" workshop.

  • Day of the Dead Workshop
  • Artist Reception
  • Zuzu Acrobats performance
  • International Poetry Reading
  • Spring Semester in Croatia informational seminar
  • Study Abroad in Mexico discussion
  • Welcome to Africa meeting
  • ITALY & UZBEKISTAN — Student Perspective seminar
  • International Food Sampling
  • International Tea Sampling


Although this reporter wasn’t able to attend every event, I still was fortunate enough to go to the Artist Reception, the Study Abroad in Mexico discussion, the Welcome to Africa meeting, and the international food sampling.


Various pieces of art that are on exhibit in Snyder for International Week.At the Artist Reception on November 17th, students were able to look at artwork inspired by Mexico’s Day of the Dead, and meet artist Diane. All of the artwork included depictions of skulls and bright splashes of color. “I grew up in San Diego,” said Diane. Growing up in southern California exposed her to Mexican culture, which shows in her art. Contact Diane at, or visit her Facebook page at to see more of her art.


An example of a sinkhole, where ancient Mayans got their water./Users/EmilyOgle/Desktop/1280px-Yucatan_in_Mexico_(location_map_scheme).svg.pngThe Mexico study abroad informational session occurred on November 18th.  Professor Rubel, who works in legal studies, leads this trip for his Cultural and Legal Systems of the World class. This trip is meant to teach students about international law and give them cultural experience.


Professor Rubel provided home-cooked, authentic Mexican tacos for the seminar. As students ate, he began speaking about the class’s captivating trip to Yucatán, Mexico.


Text Box: There are no lakes in Yucatán. Instead, the Mayans got their water from underground sinkholes like this—which are known as cenotes.While on the trip, students will visit ancient ruins, go to a beach, visit Izamal City, swim in a cenote, and explore Valladolid City. This is only the beginning; students will also take classes in Spanish and meet with Mexican lawyers to help further their knowledge of laws around the world. Professor Rubel has made this trip many times, and says that every student who has come with him has fallen in love with Yucatán, and has come out a more cultured and well-rounded student.


Generic map of Africa.After the informational session on the trip, international student Serge Kikonda (a valuable member of The Learning Center’s staff here on campus) held a workshop to teach students what Africa is truly like. Serge grew up in the Democratic Republic of Congo, and has travelled many times throughout his life. He says that Africa is a fantastic, diverse continent, home to over one billion people. Many people associate Africa with poverty and war, and although those aspects are present, there is so much more to the continent. Africa is home to thousands of languages, tribes, religions and cultures. Africa has promise to improve the world, and Serge believes that urbanization and improved technology are key to helping the continent reach its fullest potential.

A sample of various flags from different countries, on display in Snyder as part of International Week.

At the international food sampling, students lined up all throughout the Peter-Jones student lounge to sample cuisine from around the world. Foods included minestrone soup, fried rice, chips and salsa, and many more eclectic foods, including desserts. While some students ate, others participated in the “paint-o-mime.” The “paint-o-mime” event allowed students to embrace their creative sides, painting whatever they could think of onto the mime’s clothing. Another table was set up, letting students also do origami art.

There was something for everyone during International Education Week at Clermont. Hopefully, you got to attend at least one of the events. For those who participated, they gained insight into what life is like around the world, and had a fantastic time doing so.


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