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“Early last year—at least six months ago—I had a waffle breakfast for one of my 8 am classes, as a reward for all the hard work they had put into their essays,” says Kyle Warren, TLC’s English Instructional Specialist.

He continued to say that not only did his class show up, others did as well. This seemed like a fantastic opportunity to increase TLC’s presence on campus, according to Warren: “When we thought about ideas (and smells) that would draw people in to TLC, waffles seemed like the perfect solution.” Thus, The Learning Center’s monthly “Waffle Wednesday” event was born.

Each “Waffle Wednesday” is held in room 100 of McDonough between eight and ten a.m. The Learning Center’s third “Waffle Wednesday” of the semester was held on November 4th. The room was filled to full capacity, with students of all types enjoying breakfast together. There was a lot of conversation and interaction among both students and faculty. It is a wonderful thing to witness such camaraderie on a college campus, with people of so many different backgrounds and in different walks of life sharing ideas and collaborating.

As far as the waffles go, students have the option of either chocolate chip or plain waffles, and can add toppings such as syrup and whipped cream for an even tastier treat. The waffles at the November 4th event were such a hit that the staff ran out of batter toward the end.

The Learning Center intends to host a “Waffle Wednesday” the first Wednesday morning of each month. Your last opportunity to eat a free waffle this semester is December 2nd, but the tradition will continue following our upcoming holiday break between semesters.


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