East Fork Literary Journal Launches 11th Issue


Like many previous issues of East Fork: A Journal of the Arts, the eleventh issue of this UC Clermont student-run literary journal was celebrated in UC Clermont’s Art Gallery at the end of last semester. At this release party, which was catered by Servatii, student contributors and editors of the journal had the opportunity to share their work and to be recognized for their contributions. Many genres are encouraged in the East Fork literary journal, including fiction, non-fiction, visual art, and poetry, among other types of multimedia and writing. These works of art and literature are written primarily by UC Clermont students, but contributors also include main campus students, alumni, and even out-of-state participants.

The primary objective of the East Fork literary journal is, according to adjunct instructor of English and interim East Fork faculty advisor Lisa Ampleman, “to provide a space for writers at UC Clermont and writers at two-year colleges in general to publish their work.” She also conveyed that the East Fork journal helps student editors learn about the process of editing a journal, preparing them for future professions.

Editors of the journal are responsible for judging contest winners, producing the multimedia entries, and deciding which entries to publish. Carley Courts, an editor of nearly two years, says this experience has helped her to understand the editors’ community and to stay involved in writing. Because of her experience working as an East Fork literary journal editor, she will bring invaluable skills to many possible future careers or endeavors. According to Ms. Courts, her involvement in the journal has increased her understanding of important editing concepts, such as publishing and producing media. The East Fork literary journal is also helping to build the community, allowing constituents to network and cultivate their passions. “I think it’s allowing people who do want to create,” says Ms. Courts, “to have the opportunity to share.”

The eleventh issue of the journal contains very diverse themes, including aesthetical images, such as the “Kings Island Log Flume” illustrated in the visual pictured; this piece of art was created by contributor Guy Zimmerman. His manipulation of photography is pleasantly unique, according to Lisa Ampleman, and showcases the East Fork area in a heightened and creative way.

The East Fork literary journal also helps to maintain a formal collegiate atmosphere. By allowing young artists and writers to share their work, erudite ideals are encouraged and recognized. Students, alumni, and other contributors are granted the liberty of creativity to an extent that may not be possible in a classroom setting. Students can write or create what they are truly passionate about, without any pressure of assignment objectives. They can pour their psyches into their work. “I’m just really proud of what’s happening here,” said Ampleman.

If you have pieces of writing or multimedia that you would be interested in submitting to the East Fork literary journal, you can do so by visiting their website at eastfork.us. The submission deadline for the twelfth issue is March 1st, so be sure to begin your projects right away.

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