Clint Woods Unveils Latest Exhibit at UCC


Artist Clint Woods recently came to UCC’s Park National Bank Art Gallery to unveil his latest exhibit, Practice. The exhibit, which will be at the college until April 25, is a collection of Woods’ printings spanning the last three years.

His work is very much steeped in surrealist imagery, but also grounds itself in the natural world. “It was important to me to use some recognizable objects just so that viewers have a way in,” he said, “when things are a little too fantastic it’s easier to get lost.”

Thanks to funding for the PNB Art Gallery 100 risograph printings, signed by Woods, were raffled out to those in attendance, said Kim Taylor – Associate Professor of Fine Arts at UCC.

Woods is a local artist who received his BFA from Northern Kentucky University and his MFA from the University of Cincinnati’s DAAP program. Over the years he has been involved with UCC’s Fine Arts program and his work has appeared in the PNB Art Gallery in three previous exhibits.

“It’s been a really great experience working with them,” Woods said of the students and faculty in the Fine Arts program.

Taylor emphasized the importance of the art gallery, saying “Just support the gallery by using it—check out the rotating exhibitions, attend artist receptions, speak out if the gallery and the arts are valuable to you.”

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