Aviation at UC Clermont


“We’re soarin’, flyin’.

There’s not a star in heaven that we can’t reach,” with UC Clermont’s aviation program.

Since the Wright brothers built their first airplane in 1903, Ohio has been called the “birthplace of aviation.”  Today, students at UC Clermont can take pride in that history, and can continue Ohio’s tradition of flight by joining the campus’s aviation program.

The program at UC Clermont has helped many students achieve their goal of getting their pilot’s license. UC Clermont is the ideal place to learn to fly. Less than three miles away from campus is Sporty’s Pilot Shop. Sporty’s Pilot Shop is the largest store of its kind in the world, and has proudly served the community for over fifty years. Sporty’s works with aviation students at Clermont and has everything you need to start flying.

Recently, students in UCC’s aviation program have achieved some amazing accomplishments. In October, Steven T. Butler Jr. and Evan Frostman both added an instrument rating to their pilot certificates, and Ken Bredemeier earned his private pilot certificate. These are just a few of the achievements made by students in the aviation program in the past few months.

There are different types of pilot certificates says Paul Jurgens, an instructor in the aviation program: recreational certificates, private certificates, instrument ratings, commercial flight certificates, flight instructor certificates, and more.  All are attainable at UCC.

Paul Jurgens explains that even though the program only lasts two years, he likes to try to get to know his students. The staff of the aviation program tries to celebrate every student’s accomplishments; the biggest celebration takes place when a student flies solo for the first time.

Everyone in the program has the opportunity to grow close to one another and watch each other grow as pilots. And at the end of the two-year training, students are ready to take to the skies with confidence.

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