21st Century Library Transformation


Access. Academic spaces. Aesthetics. This is the mantra of the workers at Clermont’s library. Starting soon, UC Clermont is hoping to completely renovate the campus’s library.

The library was founded in 1972 by Fred Marcotte. He and his successor, Rosemary Young, worked diligently in creating and maintaining the library students know and love. Many aspects of the library have not changed since then, and library staff feels like it is time to bring the library up to modern standards.

The library’s transformation actually began in 2014. The first phase of this renovation involved the addition of over 150 outlets, new signs, and more.

Phase two of the remodeling will involve a major change in the way the library looks, and will create a comfortable space for students to study—both quietly and with groups. The computer lab area will be reconfigured, and the lounge furniture will be replaced with comfortable and up-to-date chairs and tables. More study rooms will be added upstairs, and floor-to-ceiling dry erase boards and projection monitors will be available in them.

This, however, is not the end of the library makeover. While there is more to this phase of the transformation, it is likely that this plan will also include a third phase to be implemented in the future.

Within three to four years, the library is expected to look like the floor plan pictured above. Office spaces are going to be moved, and a large lounge space is going to be created. Upstairs, more private quiet study rooms are going to be added. All in all, these renovations will cost approximately $270,000. By June of 2016, Dean Bauer anticipates that the majority of that will already be raised.

Picture taken by Danny Kidd of UC President Santa Ono speaking at UC Clermont.On December 1st, UC President Santa Ono came to Clermont to pledge his support for the initiative. He announced that he will aid in funding the remodeling of the lounge area. Lantern reporter Haley Dennison had the chance to interview President Ono, and ask him about his vision for the campus’s library. He stated that “the director of the library (Katie) has done a great job making it more student-centered. I’m here to support her vision.” Furthermore, he explained that students requested more quiet study areas, and that the library hopes to eventually double its size.

“The library is for everyone,” tells Katie Foran-Mulcahy, the current library director. With these renovations, this statement will be more true than ever. More space and resources will be available to everyone who comes by, and will help them have the best possible experience at UC Clermont.


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