The Lantern – Letter From the Faculty Advisor

February 23rd, 2022

Dear UC Clermont Students, Faculty, and Staff,

Welcome to the revamped Lantern Student Newspaper. Or, as we now call it, Student Blog. Out with the old. In with the new.

The last two years and counting has brought about the widely accepted concept of “the new normal.” But, in fact, the “new” has always been inevitable – and, frankly, “normal” for quite some time. Some of us are just now catching on. Where there was once radio and compact discs, there is now Spotify. Where there used to be cable television and movies on DVD, there is now Netflix. And, here, where there once was black and white print, there is now the Lantern Student News Blog. This is the voice of the new. This is the voice of now. This is the voice, and medium, of the modern student.

The Lantern strives to highlight the interests, hopes, and desires of the UC Clermont student body. Content will be aimed at engaging student interest and uniting the Clermont campus student body, faculty, administration, and staff. Not only will content strive towards celebrating what our school has to offer, but also the desires and aspirations of the entire campus community. The Lantern will provide a voice for victory, togetherness, and progress. However, most importantly, we will generate and reflect “Student Buzz.”

While the Lantern is the outlet for UC Clermont students, it cannot thrive without engagement from you, the actual student. You, the lifeblood of this campus. You, the reason why our faculty and staff come to work every day. You, who have come here to make your dreams come true. So, what is it that you want to say? What needs to be improved? What do you need to succeed? The Lantern staff is here not only to help, but to break down doors. 

Let us begin. Again.


Brad Gibson

Faculty Advisor – The Lantern Student News Blog 


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